Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland and its best selling engagement rings

Northern Ireland, historically been the most industrialised region of Ireland has been centre of a big part of history on the islands and a point of social revolution in the world. Mostly divided in two sides since its conception, nowadays the country stands united in the northern part of the Irish island, proud of its own culture, heritage and prominent history.  Don’t miss its best selling engagement rings.

Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland and its best selling engagement rings

It’s capital, Belfast, stands as its centre for industry, as well as arts, higher education, business, law, and economic engine. Ranged by a variety of astonishing landscapes such as the Divis Mountain, Black Mountain and Cavehill, to a thriving cultural live and arts scene that can be rejoice anywhere in the city, Belfast is one of the most iconic settlements in the whole UK. No need to go further out of the city to also find natural wonders such as the UNESCO World Heritage Giant’s Causeway, a magnificent, mysterious and geological formation on the North East coast of County Antrim.

Ancient buildings, populate its centre, where one can also find its strongly character although charming and welcoming inhabitants who will mostly amend any travellers day. Around the city, couples have developed a unique predilection for some of Clemència’s most iconic handcrafted jewellery, prompting some unique proposals that have marvelled jewellers and lovers all around. The three best selling engagement rings in Belfast are the following masterpieces:

best selling engagement rings irleand

The 18k yellow gold with 56 brilliant cut diamond over an independent mouth crowning the ring which creates and illuminated path interleaving its arm and shining for ever.

best selling engagement rings ireland

The white gold engagement ring with a natural Emerald on top which reflects the country’s passion about the emerald deep colour in this natural gorgeous stone.

best selling engagement rings ireland

The 18 k white gold vintage engagement ring with four points and solitary style diamond on top. A masterpiece of elegance and power that lasts for eternity.

best selling engagement rings ireland

Throughout Northern Ireland, Clemència’s independent jewellery and handcrafted engagement rings have become some of the most coveted pieces among couples and jewellers. On the following lines you might find a selection fo the best selling engagement rings in Northern Ireland, reflected on some of its most iconic and gorgeous towns.

Engagement rings in Belfast 

Engagement rings in Newtownabbey 

Engagement rings in Derry 

Engagement rings in Bangor County Down

Engagement rings in Lisburn 

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