Do you dream of a pink gold wedding rings? So this post is dedicated to you. The pink gold is one of the most romantic materials in high jewelry and one of the most desired for a wedding ring. The pink hue covers of sweetness and delicacy the whole jewel becoming a stunning item for all the senses.

pink gold wedding rings

Many women want to find a different wedding rings which combines with their engagement rings and to stay away from the classical and conventional. To them, we recommend the pink gold wedding ring, especially if they are romantic and dreamy women. One of the pink gold ring advantage is that it is not widespread. For example, the yellow gold half-round rings we could classify them as the classic and traditional ones that many couples choose for being a standard model that adapts easily to everyone. But not all couples want a standard model. There are couples looking for a unique, different item that defines them because those rings are going to accompany them the rest of their lives. For them, the choice of pink gold wedding rings is perfect because they are special items, unique and very rarely seen.

The pink gold wedding ring can take many forms and there are many designs to suit both women and men. Yes, there are many men who succumb to pink gold for their wedding rings and for all the men jewelry too. It is not an exclusively for women. Pink gold has a very subtle pink hue that allows creating very masculine rings for men as well.

One of the options that we recommend to women is that they choose a wedding ring with a diamond. The combination of these gemstones with the pink gold is exquisite and very beautiful. It is one of the ways to get a very feminine and romantic wedding ring. Let’s see some examples!


This pink gold wedding ring with diamonds is love in its purest form. This is a beautiful design where shines more than 68 brilliant-cut diamonds that cover their arm at both sides. A beautiful jewel to complete your life’s most special day.

pink gold wedding ringsThe following design is only suitable for diamonds lovers. It is a pink gold diamonds wedding ring that will not leave you indifferent. This ring is made of 18 ct pink gold and is surrounded by the highest quality diamonds, which may be bigger or smaller depending on client’s taste, reaching up to 2,7 ct. A true work of art for the whole life.

pink gold wedding ringsFor women who prefer a discreet jewel but special with a diamond, we recommend them the following option: a woman wedding ring with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds located at one side of the item. Their situation is discreet but visible and very original, thus achieving a very special ring. It weighs 13 gr and total of diamonds reaches 0,12 ct. Quality and purity united in a timeless design.

pink gold wedding rings

Finally, we want to show you a pink gold traditional wedding ring design with glossy finish but with three details that will make you fall in love with it at first sight. There are three diamonds strategically placed in each of the visible parts of the arm. It is an ideal choice for brides who want a pink gold wedding ring classic design with uncluttered lines.

pink gold wedding rings


The pink gold men wedding ring shown below responds to a model of pure lines with satin finish on the outside and glossy finish inside. It has 10,52 gr gold and it is the perfect width for a male’s hand, so it becomes the perfect match for them.

pink gold men wedding rings

For those men who want to go a step further and find an alliance with a unique design, we propose the following model: a pink gold and black gold wedding ring, of 18ct each one, with a total weight of 13,89 gr. Like the previous model, this is matte on the outside and a glossy finish inside. A daring and transgressive combination that will satisfy our most demanding customers.

pink gold men wedding rings

If you like the combination of two types of gold, you might like the next models. First one is a pink and white gold wedding ring which also features a brilliant-cut diamond giving it a touch of exclusivity. A handmade model, like all our jewels, with matte finish and total weight of 14,08 gr.

pink gold wedding rings

The second model also combines pink gold with white gold. It is a man wedding ring, half-round style and shiny finish. A discreet and also a transgressive option.

pink gold wedding rings

Can you imagine so many types of pink gold wedding rings? Which one did you like most? You can continue watching different models in our online jewelry. We hope you like them!